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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yoga Books Giveaway

After a few months break, I'm back! So many things have happened during this time, and overall I'm happy where I am right now and have a list of new exciting plans for the year 2012 (as I always do)!

To start with, I have enrolled in a 5-week Beginner Yoga class last Tuesday. The room was fool with about 25-30 people. Although the name of the series is New Year Beginner Yoga Class, nobody has confessed in making yoga practice one of the New Year resolutions, but everybody agreed that we need more happiness and balance in our lives. This is also where I'm at right now. 

The first class showed me that:

1) there are muscles in my body that never work,
2) yoga can be a serious work out if done correctly,
3) I feel happier and lighter after a workout.

So I'm going to stick with the class and enjoy learning the poses, although some of them are very challenging for me at this point.

I wanted to share with you this link to a yoga books giveaway that will run until January 31st. Great way to build your yoga library, if you don't have one yet like me, or to add some interesting titles to the existing one, if you do. I hope I win! If you win let me know. Good luck and take a good care!