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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Psychology of Love

What is Love?
Why Do We Love?
What Causes Attraction?


Today I learned a new word - "hippotherapy", which is a treatment strategy based on the movement of a horse. I never really rode a horse for more than a few minutes. Apparently, it's not only pleasant, but can help heal many illnesses including coordination and language disorders. How fascinating! I should add riding a horse to my list of activities I plan to do soon.

The Analogies Betweeen Buddhism and Psychology!

Science Meets Spirituality

Peter Russell ( talks about the evolution of consciousness and the challenges and opportunities we face now as humanity in the inspirational film called "Global Brain". Its a mix of scientific facts and spiritual ideas. This is why I found it especially appealing. Different audience can easily relate to what is being discussed and at the very least learn interesting scientific facts about our planet and our bodies, and at most appreciate our beautiful Earth and feel the oneness with all that is.


Buddhist Psychology

An inspiring set of talks on the roots of Buddhist Psychology by Jack Kornfield, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and trained Buddhist monk. - Part 1 -Part 2  - Part3  - Part 4  - Part5  - Part 6

Yoga Psychology Magazine
YPM seems to be a young Internet community with a potential to develop into a useful meeting place with rich educational content that is available free of charge. It has free books, audio, and articles on buddism, taoism, meditation, and psychology of buddism. 

Newfound Inspiration

Marcus Daniels is an artist who specializes in photographing prehistoric cave painting, ancient temple murals, and sacred landscapes around the world. When I opened his web-site (, I immediately noticed that we share many interests in common. I love beautiful places, where the evidence of ancient times is still present. Photography is one of the art forms that I enjoy. Not only Marcus is photographing caves and painting, he appreciates natural landscapes and animals. He is also on a spiritual journey of his own. He is not just taking photographs, but wants to live the experience of each place he visits spending time in meditation and exploration of each location before photographing it. I like his approach a lot! And on top of this, he is teaching authentic feeling and healing methods. What a wonderful inspiration! Seeing his works made me think again that as long as you do what you love, your work will bring happiness to everyone including yourself.