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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wise People from the Heart of the World

Here is an amazing documentary about the Kogi people, who live in harmony with nature nowadays. We should really learn from them and listen to their message! Enjoy, brothers and sisters!

"From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers Warning (Kogi Tribe)"

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lighthouse of Joy

The open eye of the Universe is looking over the Earth and in its light all the beings evolve, develop and transform. (Few streaming allegories are applied to the language itself.) No reasoning and judgment will result in the best outcomes. Other than that no other instructions are necessary. Opening your heart is enough to allow the stream of pure love to enter through you and flow limitlessly and freely into the world. 

This time is exciting, new, and fulfilling. The potent energy of awakening is present everywhere on the Planet. You are a conductor of these energies, the streaming lighthouse of joy. Be yourself and never dim your light. Believe in your power of truth and don’t change it into small flames.

Regardless of your name, status, income, social rewards, and connections, you are first of all a soul with limitless potential. Respect your eternal nature, love yourself and show your love every day. You are already perfect, free, impeccable, pure, and forever sacred being of love. You exist to share and commune with others in love and joy. There is no other goal to be alive. There are no hidden plans, secret missions, debts to repay, or lessons to learn. Forget about complicated intricacies that are knowledge-based and mind-created. Return to simplicity of your own heart. 

The answers to all your questions are in your heart. They are available to you and everyone else, if you relax and let the flow of love illuminate your mind and rest in your heart. Breathe in love, breathe out more love. You are greater than you think you are. This is not what you consider to be “great” in human terms. You are infinite, because there is no limit to what you encompass. You are infinite, eternal, creative energy. Don’t be afraid to be it every day!

Play your own role in life without being proud of who you are or being sad that you are in the physical world. There is nothing like this world. It’s a great adventure that you deserve to experience. You can live everywhere and you do, but you are focused in this world right now, because you chose to do this. Open up to this experience and take it with lightness and joy. There is nothing too serious here. You can’t get it wrong whatever you do. Only experience matters, eventually everyone evolves and becomes one with everything that he/she is. Peace and love, Golden Sun.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 5: 365-Day Transformation through Love Project

It's already day # 5 on my journey to myself!!! Today was the best day I've had so far. I was so happy and wanted to share my happiness with everyone. This doesn't happen to me so often.

Also, I could not only drink about 4 liters of juice, which is a lot for my tiny weight of 95 pounds, but also meditate, spend time outside and exercise. So far I did these activities in small portions, but I can see the power of balance. It is very important to take a holistic approach and try changing your entire life style in addition to just changing your eating habits.

I have also received two great books on yoga. One of them, The Yoga Body Diet: Slim and Sexy in 4 Weeks (Without the Stress), it's a long title, focuses on ayurvedic aspects and helps you to determine your dosha type. The second book, A Year of Living Your Yoga, provides inspirational thoughts for every day of the year. I'm excited about the first book. It's a good idea to review my notes on ayurveda. It also will work well with the book, The Tao of Healthy Eating, that I'm reading right now. The second one is a nice addition to my library too. These are actually my first two books on yoga. 

One of my goals is to determine the best diet for my body for the time when the juice feast is over. Now I now how important it is to be organized and prepared for different situations. A lot of our bad habits, including overeating and eating poor-quality foods, comes from just lack of planning and giving in to circumstances. It can be avoided if we set our priorities clearly and know what we wan to eat or do in our life. It all comes down to taking responsibility for our life.

Responsibility is sometimes considered to be a boring word. We endow responsibility with this negative connotation, only because we know that we didn't do as well as we wanted in this department, according to whatever standards we might have. In reality, it is fun to know that you create your life, every moment of it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 4: 365-Day Transformation through Love Project

Miracles are happening in my life today. I'm so excited about all the synchronicities. But let me start with my juices first.

My Juices for Today
First, I realized how important it is to get enough rest and drink plenty of water when on the cleanse. I feel great when I sleep enough. This was one of my mistakes in the past. I need to really work on my schedule. Yesterday, I stayed up late listening to David and Katrina Rainosheks' videos on I have learned a lot of interesting information. But I had to get up at 6.00 am in the morning and didn't have time to make my juice. So I drank leftovers from yesterday and made a master cleanse lemonade.  

In the second part of the day, I made a green juice from celery, cucumber (our favorite ingredients), a few tomatoes, apples, lettuce, and ginger. Turned out to be great. 


Something very interesting is happening in my spiritual life. I can't fully express what it is, but it feels like a the beginning of a new life with more freedom and clarity. I can sense my intuition better and follow it with more confidence.

Growing My Own Urban Garden
A few days ago, I thought it would be nice to start growing my own plants. I don't have a backyard, but I have a deck where I could easily set up an urban herb garden. I started reading about urban gardening yesterday and have registered with a local community garden for a class on "The Basics of Growing Your Own Spring Seedlings" this Wednesday. Members of the garden have an option to become a vegetable plot holder. I'm going to ask them how I could do that. It would be fun to grow something by myself and connect with the Earth. Another class that I have registered for is "Aromatheraphy". I have always wanted to learn more about it. This class is going to be this Saturday. 

Bees' Calling
Yesterday, I had a strange idea to do a painting with bee pollen. I don't know why I even thought about it,  have never heard anyone painting with bee pollen. This idea came to me while eating bee pollen yesterday. I just thought it would be fun to try. Although I think Joseph Campbell was talking about Native Americans making elaborate art works using corn and maybe also bee pollen. Anyway, I forgot about this idea. Then, today I saw the book "The Shamanic Way of the Bee". I immediately felt that I need to learn more about it. This happens very rarely that I feel it so strongly. I decided to buy the book. By following our intuition, we can make it stronger over time.

Conscious Child Birth Course
Finally, I found out about an amazing woman, KaRa Maria Ananda, who is teaching an online course on Conscious Birth. I would like to take this course. I think it's very important knowledge in these times. Again, I felt that I could be one of the conscious birth emissaries and help other women and their children to be happy and aligned with who they are. 

Miraculous Products
Oh, I almost forgot. I have also learned today about two natural products that have miraculous properties and almost too good to be true. The first one is the Ormus. It can have positive spiritual and physical effects on our body. It sounds intriguing and seems to do something similar to holosync/hemisync technology that  synchronizes your left and right hemispheres. This video gives a good introduction to it.

Another product is literally called Miracle II and was created by Clayton Tedeton. The reviews of both products are stunning. I have decided to try Miracle II soap and neutralizer. You can listen to the interview with Clayton Tedeton on Youtube if you search for "Miracle II Interview with Clayton Tedeton". He says that the recipe for Miracle II products was given to him by God. He sounds like a genuine man. Maybe it will help with my hair loss. It also has a detoxifying effect on the body when used as a bath wash or soak, can be used  for doing laundry, and has many other uses.  

So many beautiful things are entering my life suddenly. Am I ready for it? If I'm manifesting it, it means I am ready. So I choose to believe in myself and intuition. Isn't it the whole purpose of my purification experiment?

P.S. If you want to receive Terry Walters’ new book Clean Start, go to One Green Generation and leave your name in the comments before Sunday February 27 at 5pm, PST. Good luck! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 3: 365-Day Transformation through Love Project

Today I drank a lot of green juice and finished the day with delicious orange-grapefruit-tangerines juice. I enjoyed my morning green juice from cabbage, tomatoes, carrots and a cucumber with some dill and leeks. 

Also I have read a new book by Tracy Lydiatt "Your Green Family Blueprint" that you can see on the picture above. I like Tracy's fresh perspective on "going green". She stresses that every family is unique, and we should decide ourselves what works best for us. She provides many worksheet that guide your household through a decision making process of what to "avoid, dematerialize, substitute, phase out, or exercise precaution about or investigate".Tracy got her Masters in Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona in Sweden and studied there with my good friend Lora. If you would like to take advantage of the book launch promotions, go to Prizes and free gifts are available to you when you purchase the book until FEBRUARY 21st.

Reading Tracy's book reminded me of "No Impact Man" movie that I have seen a few weeks ago. I attended the movie screening and conversation with Colin Beavan at Emory University and even could ask him a question. Here is a picture of him speaking. I asked him about what he decided to keep in his life after the year of no impact was over. He answer made sense to me. He said he still feels inspired to talk about it to other people, and this is the most valuable change that he kept after the project was over. Also, he said that switching to a different diet or life style was not a problem for him, but talking about the project to press made him much more uncomfortable, because he had to think about what it meant for him.

My second juice pictures. Yum!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 2: 365-Day Transformation through Love Project

It's day 2 and I'm continue on my juice feast. Although today I didn't have time in the morning to make juice, I made a few liters of master cleanse drink from fresh lemon juice, raw organic honey, and organic cayenne pepper. I put very little cayenne pepper, because I can't drink it when it's too hot. The master cleanse drink lasted until 9.00 pm at night. I took it with me to the National Geographic workshop. 

The workshop was great. Tons of information that will take time for me to process. I'm glad I could attend. There was a lunch served at the workshop, but I didn't give in. I took my lemon-honey-cayenne drink, went outside and enjoyed the sun for about 45 minutes. I missed the sun light and spending time outside is very good for connecting with the Earth and the Sun. So I enjoyed it!

I went to Whole Foods after the workshop and bought some more greens and veggies. Now I have a variety of greens. I also bought some wheat grass and sunflower sprouts to add in my juices. Another new vegetable I'm going to try is fennel. 

Today, I could realize more clearly where the uncontrollable desire to eat comes from. The main cause of this obsessive urge comes from our feelings of unhappiness with who we are and of being inadequate. in some  way.  It's not a true hunger for food, but an addictive need to cure this state of dis-ease.  We medicate our unhappiness with food. We think that food will make us happy, even for a moment. It's better to focus on feeling good, safe, and loved, than giving up to unconscious eating habits.

I would like to thank Lyn Hicks for her words of encouragement and support. Her wise advice is to "Enjoy the journey and remember to stay as present as you can!" I will try to do it as much as I can. 

Another inspiring message that is related to Lyn's kind advice comes from Flying Yogini's blog in the form of Thich Nhat Hanh’s words:

"Breathing in, I calm my body.
Breathing out, I smile.
Dwelling in the present moment
I know this is a wonderful moment.”

I needed to hear these words today. I will start my meditation tomorrow with these beautiful mantra.

Enjoying What Is

I realized that in addition to finding balance in my life, I’m currently working on my organization skills, setting my priorities, and removing the attachments and limiting beliefs that stop me from moving forward. Also, I’m learning to take responsibility for everything in my life and enjoying what is. 

For example, I had a great day in Charlotte by myself. I enjoyed peace and calm of the hotel room and the energy of my yoga practice. Then, we went out to eat and I suddenly lost my peace, because I started to control what happens around. I became grumpy and not so pleasant to be around only because something was not matching my peaceful state before. The true peace doesn’t require anyone else to act or think in a certain way. I know that behind this grumpiness and desire to control is a desire for perfect harmony, but this is not a skillful way to get to this harmony and peace. I need to control my thoughts better.  “Control” – this word again. I guess controlling my thoughts is much easier than controlling what happens around me. So why not try fine tuning my thoughts or removing any expectations about how the world should be?

What happened next both surprised me and made me think. Onur told me: “Where is your happy and positive Tanya?” He noticed that my mood has changed obviously, and reminded me in a powerful way that this is not me. I made an effort, changed my thought pattern, and started to enjoy the night again. I think this is what true spiritual partners do – reminding us who we truly are. To finish up, here is a nice video about relationship from Abraham. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Three Events for Women I Want to Attend in 2011 Plus an Online Course

1.      Wise Woman Herbal Immersion  with Corinna Wood, May 23- 28, 2011

Imagine a world where women are truly empowered, health care returns to our communities, and reverence for the Earth pervades our culture. We can create it, one wise woman at a time...

In this unique program, we create a safe and sacred circle for women to connect deeply with the earth and themselves. Together, we take an in-depth, hands-on journey into the world of edible and medicinal plants, seeing them, tasting them, opening our hearts to the green world! We harvest and make medicines together. 

Through workshops, discussions, and plant walks, you deepen your understanding of how to take health care into your own hands.

Through this program, you will develop a circle of herbal allies. In the wise woman tradition, we don't do this by just memorizing facts. This program is an opportunity to create a personal relationship with the plants, Mother Earth, your intuition, and your own body. It is not only a knowledge base, but also a lifestyle: one of self-love, nourishment, compassion, and caring for the Earth.

In these times, even herbal medicine is following in the footsteps of the pharmaceutical industry, becoming increasingly disconnected and removed from the source. Join Corinna in reweaving the ancient cloak of deep respect for the earth and our own bodies. Reclaim your birthright of knowing how to use the plants around you as food and medicine & loving yourself as a woman, body & soul. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the program

You will learn:
  • Plant identification & wildcrafting
  • Making tinctures, infusions, poultices, oils, salves, and vinegars
  • Wild food harvesting & preparation
  • The Wise Woman tradition & the truth about witches
  • Herbal first aid & herbs for every cycle of a woman's life
  • Nutrition & traditional diets, a balance of plant & animal, raw & cooked
  • Communication with plant spirits

2.      The Southeast Women's Herbal Conference, October 14-16, 2011

A weekend for women to learn, connect, and deepen into the Wise Woman Tradition: earth-based healing, local plants, and deep nourishment.

Now one of the most popular herbal conferences in the country, this is a much-loved annual tradition in herbal education, nourishing foods, empowerment, and community.

Before the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference began in 2005, the Southeast was the only region in the country that did not have an herbal conference for women. Five years later, over a thousand women have come together from the Southeast and beyond to deepen connections with the plants, the earth, and each other.

The conference now has a heart and soul of its own. For many it has become an annual event, a tradition in education, inspiration, and sisterhood. Our herbal conference community grows stronger and reaches further each year. Join the sisterhood in the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains for a weekend you won’t forget!

3.      Retreat of the Divine Feminine, 3-22 August 2011, Camp Naue, North Shore Kauai, Hawaii

During this ten day retreat Prema Dasara and Guest Teachers will guide the group in celebrating
the divine feminine through music and dance, meditation and dharma dialogue. Focus of the camp will be on the 21 Aspects of the Great Mother Tara.

Day 1: 365-Day Transformation through Love Project

Today is the first day of my 365-Day Transformation Project. I'm starting with a juice feast that I plan to continue for 92 days. 

Beautiful and Relaxing Day in Charlotte
Yesterday, I came back form Charlotte, NC. We have stayed in a beautiful hotel in downtown. Onur, my boyfriend, was interviewing there and I came to support him from Atlanta. I hope he’ll get this job, we had a good feeling about how it went. and liked the city. While Onur was busy interviewing on Wednesday, I stayed at the hotel room , drank my master cleanse drink, did some yoga, and relaxed. It was a very nice day. 

Then we went out at night and I ate some cooked food at the bar, but it felt good. On Thursday, I started my day with a master cleanse drink, ate a salad at the airport and a banana-mango-walnuts smoothie when I got home. So I think my body was ready to start juicing again.


Day # 1: Enjoying my Juices 
I actually enjoyed my day today. I had a very productive day at work. Luckily, the weather in Atlanta is amazing right now. It’s sunny and warm during the day. I even wanted to go running when I got home, but was too tired and decided to take a nap. I should definitely watch my schedule and try to go to bed before midnight, because having a good rest is very important not only for the body but also for spiritual growth.

I enjoyed my juices so much today. I think I have finally learned to make good juices. The secret is to keep it simple and use only a few ingredients in each juice, so that the tastes are distinguishable. I think I drank about 3 liters of juice with 1/3 of this amount being fruit juice.

My Juices for Today
I started the days with a green juice that had a cucumber, 4 carrots, 2 apples, a bunch of dill, and celery. I drank this juice before going to work and took another citrus juice for lunch. It had a grapefruit, 4 tangerines, 2 oranges and 2 pears. It was good too. 



Right now I’m drinking a juice that I made for the first time, but it turned out to be great. I like to add garlic in my juices when I’m not going to go out. This juice was based on red cabbage, 4 tomatoes, kale and dandelion, plus 3 cloves of garlic and leeks. 

I wanted to say a few words about the supplements that I’m using now. All of them are recommended on, and you can get more detailed information about each of them on this website.
I usually start my day with two glasses of warm water with lemon juice and 1 tbsp of MSM and take 3 caps of Vitalzym. I add 4 drops of Zeolite, 1 tbsp of Vitamineral green, some kelp and 1 tbsp of either spirulina or chlorella, or both in my morning juice and the same ingridients in my evening juice. Sometimes I add a pinch of sea salt in my green juices to make them taste better. During the days I drink plenty of water and hot tea (peppermint or other herbal tea). I take a tbsp of bee pollen with my night tea. Last time I also use coconut oil, but I like it so much that I think it made me crave other food too at the end. I decided to take hemp oil and avoid coconut oil so far. I’m also not a fan of spirulina. I’m really sensitive to its smell. Today, I have added half a table spoon of spirulina and chlorella in my green juice and haven’t noticed it, which is good.

I’m going to meditate and go to bed now. Tomorrow, I will get up early, around 5.00 am to do yoga, morning meditation and prepare juices for the day. Then I will go to the National Geographic Traveler seminar "The Versatile Travel Photographer".  I’m very excited about this event and hope to learn some tips from world renowned photographers.

After the seminar, I will go shopping for my greens and veggies. I still have some oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, and lemons left, but need to buy some more green juiciness. I love shopping when I’m juicing, it’s such a delight to be able to immerse into the world of fresh produce and choose the plants that smell and look good to me.