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Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4: February Cleanse/ Day 2: 92-Day Juice Feast

Stayed Up Late Listening to Rainoshek’s
Yesterday, I stayed up until 5 am listening to David and Katrina on I couldn’t stop playing their introductory videos for each of the 92-Days of the Juice Feast. Eventually, I had to stop on Day 10. There is so much wisdom in these videos!!! I would like to take in all this wisdom – from people, from the world, and from plants that are sharing their sun-created energy with us so abundantly. When I’m drinking juice I am uniting with its source – the vegetable or fruit or a collection of them, and through this energy I become closer to the Earth. Then, I slept 3 hours, got up at 8.00, made my green and fruit juices for the day and left to work at 9.00.

Announcing My New Commitment
After listening to David Rainoshek yesterday, I am completely convinced that it is very important to cleanse our body from toxins. I'm so inspired by him  and Katrina that I’m extending my 2-week juice feasting to a complete 92-day cleanse. I know it’s a big commitment, but it resonates with me a hundred percent for a number of reasons:
  1. I would like to learn my body more fully. I was ignoring my physical body for many years. I never spend time taking care of it, because I thought that spiritual growth is more important, and the body is just a vehicle. Recently, I understood that this belief creates an imbalance in the body. Full spiritual enlightenment is not possible without a healthy body, and our body cannot access all available energy resources fully if a person is a spiritual infant.   
  2. I want to take responsibility for everything in my life, including such an important part of it as my eating habits. What can teach responsibility better than a 92-Day Juice Feast.
  3. I would like to purify myself – at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The transformation will happen simultaneously on many levels, because what affects our body so deeply cannot insignificant for the rest of the complex human system.
  4. I want to connect to the Earth and the Sun through consuming juices. Remembering how close we are to the planet is essential at this stage of our evolution, and plants can teach us how to do it the best.
  5. I’m supporting organic and local farmers during these 92-day and beyond. If every one of us consumes only (or mostly) organic vegetables and fruits, they will become more affordable and more accessible.
  6. I would like to learn everything about how to get rid of all elements and substances that poison our body and how to maintain a healthy diet when the feast is over. In the future, I would be happy to share this knowledge with everyone who feels attracted to it like I did.    
Because I started February Cleanse on February 1 with juice feasting and then broke the feast by eating dinner at a vegetarian Indian restaurant on February 2, I won’t count these two days as a part of my 92-Day Juice Feast. So from now on I will count my days on juice feasting starting from February 3. It means that I’m only on Day 2 of the 92-Day Juice Feast. Yeay! 90 days more to go. I do feel very excited about and committed to it. I’m looking forward to every day, because it is my chance to show how much I love my body and myself. Learning to love myself fully was one of my New Year Resolutions this year. I feel so happy that I’m learning about juice feasting and raw food in general.   

Resisting the First Temptation and More to Come
Right now, I don’t want to eat regular food. Sometimes when I smell something fried, like fried chicken or a burger, I remember the taste and kind of miss it, but it quickly passes away with the smell. Also I’m learning to love juices. Making delicious juices takes practice, but I’m getting better at it. Today, we had a lunch together with a few colleagues. Everybody brought their lunches with them, and I brought my fruit juice. I didn’t tell anyone about juice feasting, because nobody asked.
Next week we will have a big departmental dinner. Everybody has to attend. I was thinking that I will tell in advance that they don’t need to order a portion for me. I can bring my juice to the restaurant or just drink water with lemon. Also, I’m going to Charlotte, North Carolina on February 15. It’s going to be a big test of my commitment to myself. I was thinking that I could even pack my juicer, it’s not huge, but the plastic parts can easily break if I check-in my bag. Maybe I should consider driving for this reason., it's only a 4-hour drive and a 1-hour flight from Atlanta. I’m not sure I can find fresh juice easily there. Another option is to take honey, lemons, and cayenne pepper and stay on the master cleanse for these two days. I think it’s the easiest option. If I can find a juice bar in Charlotte, I can supplement the master cleanse drink with juice. There is always a solution to any problem.  
Shopping for Produce
Despite I was physically exhausted because of lack of sleep last night, my emotional state was so high that I went to the Farmers Market. My supply of greens was almost depleted, and I didn’t want to compromise my juice feast. It’s a huge grocery store that sells local  and not so local produce. The advantage this store has over Whole Foods is that it’s more affordable, and you could buy in bulk. I was happy like a child when I saw a 20-pound box of organic lemons or a 10-pound box of organic baby arugula. Unfortunately, they ran out of baby spinach boxes. Shopping has not been such a thrilling experience for a long time! I stocked up on all greens that I could find in the store and that were organic and not ridiculously expensive or small. Now, I’m looking forward for a new week of delicious juices. 

I’m going to try some greens that I have never tried in solid form, like dandelion leaves, and red chard. I bought papaya, pineapple, grapefruits and oranges, and a watermelon, which is already in a liquid form on my desk now. I could also find fresh locally grown basilik and peppermint.

My Juices for Today
I could drink much more juice today, probably about 3 liters, still less than a gallon, but I’m also a smaller person than average. During the day, I felt hungry at the grocery store, but my juice was finished. I need to buy more jars that I can take with me.  

Juice #1. I started the day with a green juice as recommended, or more precisely yellow vegetable juice. I was almost late for work in the morning and batteries in my camera died, as it always happens in the most appropriate moment. I didn't give up though, and made pictures with my phone. Technology helps us sometimes.

It had:
7 carrots, 
3 tomatoes, 
1 yellow pepper, 
lemon, and 

Juice # 2:

6 Granny Smith apples, 
6 tangerines, and 
2 peaches

Juice #3. When I came home, I finished my green juice and made watermelon juice with peppermint. I read on juice that watermelon skin contains a lot of chlorophyll and we should leave as much green skin as possible. I decided to try leaving the skin on, mostly to save time. It turned out to be a very refreshing juice that is somewhere in between the fruit and green juice.   

Quick Lessons and Notes

1. I need to buy at least 8 glass mason jars.
2. I would like to change my schedule and go to bed earlier and get up at sunrise. Lack of sleep can reduce the cleansing effect of juice feasting.
3. Don't forget to chew my juice before swallowing.
4. Don't forget to breathe deeply throughout the day.
5. Eventually, I would like to introduce sungazing, meditation, yoga, and running every day.
6. Drink juice faster. I tend to drink 2 glasses in 30 minutes to 1 hour. I know that I can do it faster, because when I need to leave for work, I drink two glasses in 5 minutes. I don't think this is ideal either. Probably 15-20 minutes for 2 glasses would be okay.
7. I'm going to drink laxative tea tonight to speed up the elimination process. Today, I had 3eliminations, which is good. I felt good overall, despite the fact I slept only 3 hours. I was full of energy. I didn't buy the enema yet that David and Katrina recommend using. I can try and see how it goes. Other than that, I bought all the supplements last night and ordered a skin brush. Looking forward to start detoxing at full speed.

If you are interested in juice feasting, but not sure what to start with, go to David and Katrina Rainoshek's website and read the information they have posted there. With a one-month membership that cost $36 you can get access to hundreds of downloadable materials on nutrition, health,and different aspects of juice feasting. I love it so far. You can find this information in the books too, but it will require a lot of research. they have already walked this path before, so that we can do it the easier way right now.

I'm so excited about this, I can't even tell you! Although I have listed many reasons above, I don't fully understand why studying myself through juice feasting makes me so happy. Maybe I have a past life connection with this kind of work.

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