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Friday, February 18, 2011

365-Day Transformation through Love Project

I have been thinking about my vision and what I would like my life to look like in the next 5 years. I can see that without taking consistent steps towards achieving this vision, I will not go as far as I could. I have carefully outlined my main goals in personal, professional, and spiritual life and listed what I can do to achieve these goals. There is a debate about whether it helps or not to set goals. I think everyone should answer this question for himself. It helps me to focus my attention on what I value the most, as I tend to think about too many things at once. Thinking about what can be done to get closer to each objective is very helpful for me as  well, because it makes me believe that the goal is realistic. I will post the vision of my ideal life for the next 5 years soon. Still need to finish a few details.

As a result of working on my vision, I came up with an exciting idea. Why not try living a life that can lead to my vision for the whole year? That makes perfect sense to me and I can't wait to start my 365-Day Transformation through Love Project. This will be my personal multi-level transformational journey. The 365 days idea comes from a Youtube user, Healing Lyme Naturally, who is on the 110th day of her 365-day juice feast today. I wanted to start on a new juice feast too, but then I thought that it is not just cleansing and detoxing my body that I want to achieve. My goal is to develop a connection with my Higher self, get to know my true self, and learn to love unconditionally myself and others. 365 days is a long enough period to introduce serious behavioral changes and embark on a journey towards a completely new life style.

I'm starting the 365-Day Transformation through Love Project tomorrow. February 18th is the full moon, and I feel that this personal quest is a culmination of all my previous efforts and a logical next step on my spiritual path. It will be instructive for all of us to see what difference a year of our life can make. I would love to share this journey with as many people as possible. Please join me on this journey at the level that you want. You can feel what you would like to introduce in your life that is consistent with your vision of yourself in the nearest future. Let's take responsibility for our life and finally start to live it fully and enjoy every moment of it!

So what kind of changes am I going to introduce in my life? My main goal is to increase the flow of Love in my life. Love is the answer to all of our questions. If we fully love ourselves, we can share this love with others and our beautiful Planet. Although juice feasting and eating raw food diet would make my body healthier, other emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of myself need to be purified as well. My new life style, which I am going to create with you during the next 365 days, will include a transition to a natural  raw food  diet with juice feasting at the initial stages (I'll keep 92 days as a reference point, but will focus on listening to my intuition instead of counting days), introducing daily yoga practice, meditation, exercise, and creativity.

The project will have 5 main interconnected goals:
1.     Transform your body through juice feast and raw food, yoga, and exercise;
2.    Transform your emotions by developing love and compassion towards myself, others, and our  Planet;
3.    Transform your mind by reading insightful books, watching inspirational movies, and reflecting upon them;
4.    Transform your spirit by engaging in daily meditation and creative expression through photography, writing, and other forms of art;
5.     Transform your planet through appreciating it, spending time outdoors to connect with the Earth, leading a sustainable lifestyle, volunteering, and community service.

If I want to see a consistent change in all these directions, I have to spend some time every day to work on achieving each of these goals. This is an important requirement for me, because I want to work on having more balance in my life. Instead of focusing only on my body, or only on my spiritual needs, every components of myself is crucial, because they work together in unison and depend on each other. 

I should remember to have fun and enjoy the process. It is not supposed to be a torture or a sacrifice, I'm spending time to get to know myself and to connect with every part of my being. What can be more exciting and more rewarding? So I'm going to celebrate the fact that I could hear the guidance to start this project. I'm going to enjoy every moment of it. And I'm going to keep a journal of my transformational journey. 

Feel free to join me only for the juice feast, or only for meditation, or only for yoga, or daily exercise (which can be any physical activity), or join a book club and read inspirational books every day, or help your local community in any way by volunteering, or express your creative abilities using your favorite form of art. I think that combining all these activities is important for me at this stage of my personal development to become a more balanced person. You may feel that you need to focus on only one aspect for now, or forever. Let's support and respect each other's personal goals and help each other grow!


Lyn Hicks said...

Very inspiring! Onward to your future! Enjoy the journey and remember to stay as present as you can! Thats where the love is!
Lyn Hicks

Tanya said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Lyn! Have a great week-end!

Melinda said...
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Melinda said...

What a fabulous group of goals. I love your phrasing. Some of your goals are very similar to mine in my "Year About Me" - the idea brought me back to regular blogging again.

I look forward to following your journey!

Also, are you following a specific regimen for your 92 day juice fast? Are you eating any solid food?

Tanya said...

Hi Melinda, I love your blog although I've discovered it just a few days ago. "Year about Me" is a good phrase. Are you planning to stay on the cleanse for a year?

I'm following the regimen described on No solid food. I start my day with two glasses of warm water with lemon juice and 2 tbsp of MSM and take 3 caps of Vitalzym. I Zeolite, Vitamineral green, kelp, spirulina and chlorella, in my juices and take 1 tbsp of hemp oil, coconut oil, and bee pollen per day. During the days I drink plenty of water and hot tea (peppermint or other herbal tea). My goal is to meditate twice a day and do yoga every day. So far I'm half way on this goal. Overall, I'm feeling much more clarity, and calmness while drinking juices.