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Monday, February 14, 2011

Climbing Kilimanjaro and Your Vision

Daniel Dorr is "an ordinary man", who had climbed Kilimanjaro with a woman who ultimately became his wife, and then wrote a book "Kissing Kilimanjaro" about their adventures. Daniel couldn't reach the top of the mountain on his first attempt, but he didn't give up. Instead he held his vision, learned from his mistakes, and came back three year later to complete the journey. 

It is a great inspirational story for me that shows the importance of having a vision and focusing on it for motivation. I'm thinking to start juice feasting again one of these days. This time I want to enjoy the process and feel good while doing it. I also want to make it a spiritual journey more than physical, or at least as much. I want to meditate every day and really open my heart. This is easier to do when you are fasting.

Yesterday, I have watched a related Youtube video by FoodFodGirl, who talks about the importance of having vision. It often happens like this in my life - I hear the same idea  repeated in different ways from different sources. It usually means that this topic is important for me at the moment. I guess forming a vision of myself, the way I would like to be in a year or two years, may be a very useful thing to do. Her video is called: "Vision is More Important than Motivation". My interpretation of the main point of this video is that your vision should be your main motivation. If you know what kind of person you would like to become and have a clear of vision of this, then you'll know when you are about to do something that doesn't bring you closer to this vision. Here is this video too:

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