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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lighthouse of Joy

The open eye of the Universe is looking over the Earth and in its light all the beings evolve, develop and transform. (Few streaming allegories are applied to the language itself.) No reasoning and judgment will result in the best outcomes. Other than that no other instructions are necessary. Opening your heart is enough to allow the stream of pure love to enter through you and flow limitlessly and freely into the world. 

This time is exciting, new, and fulfilling. The potent energy of awakening is present everywhere on the Planet. You are a conductor of these energies, the streaming lighthouse of joy. Be yourself and never dim your light. Believe in your power of truth and don’t change it into small flames.

Regardless of your name, status, income, social rewards, and connections, you are first of all a soul with limitless potential. Respect your eternal nature, love yourself and show your love every day. You are already perfect, free, impeccable, pure, and forever sacred being of love. You exist to share and commune with others in love and joy. There is no other goal to be alive. There are no hidden plans, secret missions, debts to repay, or lessons to learn. Forget about complicated intricacies that are knowledge-based and mind-created. Return to simplicity of your own heart. 

The answers to all your questions are in your heart. They are available to you and everyone else, if you relax and let the flow of love illuminate your mind and rest in your heart. Breathe in love, breathe out more love. You are greater than you think you are. This is not what you consider to be “great” in human terms. You are infinite, because there is no limit to what you encompass. You are infinite, eternal, creative energy. Don’t be afraid to be it every day!

Play your own role in life without being proud of who you are or being sad that you are in the physical world. There is nothing like this world. It’s a great adventure that you deserve to experience. You can live everywhere and you do, but you are focused in this world right now, because you chose to do this. Open up to this experience and take it with lightness and joy. There is nothing too serious here. You can’t get it wrong whatever you do. Only experience matters, eventually everyone evolves and becomes one with everything that he/she is. Peace and love, Golden Sun.

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