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Friday, February 18, 2011

Three Events for Women I Want to Attend in 2011 Plus an Online Course

1.      Wise Woman Herbal Immersion  with Corinna Wood, May 23- 28, 2011

Imagine a world where women are truly empowered, health care returns to our communities, and reverence for the Earth pervades our culture. We can create it, one wise woman at a time...

In this unique program, we create a safe and sacred circle for women to connect deeply with the earth and themselves. Together, we take an in-depth, hands-on journey into the world of edible and medicinal plants, seeing them, tasting them, opening our hearts to the green world! We harvest and make medicines together. 

Through workshops, discussions, and plant walks, you deepen your understanding of how to take health care into your own hands.

Through this program, you will develop a circle of herbal allies. In the wise woman tradition, we don't do this by just memorizing facts. This program is an opportunity to create a personal relationship with the plants, Mother Earth, your intuition, and your own body. It is not only a knowledge base, but also a lifestyle: one of self-love, nourishment, compassion, and caring for the Earth.

In these times, even herbal medicine is following in the footsteps of the pharmaceutical industry, becoming increasingly disconnected and removed from the source. Join Corinna in reweaving the ancient cloak of deep respect for the earth and our own bodies. Reclaim your birthright of knowing how to use the plants around you as food and medicine & loving yourself as a woman, body & soul. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the program

You will learn:
  • Plant identification & wildcrafting
  • Making tinctures, infusions, poultices, oils, salves, and vinegars
  • Wild food harvesting & preparation
  • The Wise Woman tradition & the truth about witches
  • Herbal first aid & herbs for every cycle of a woman's life
  • Nutrition & traditional diets, a balance of plant & animal, raw & cooked
  • Communication with plant spirits

2.      The Southeast Women's Herbal Conference, October 14-16, 2011

A weekend for women to learn, connect, and deepen into the Wise Woman Tradition: earth-based healing, local plants, and deep nourishment.

Now one of the most popular herbal conferences in the country, this is a much-loved annual tradition in herbal education, nourishing foods, empowerment, and community.

Before the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference began in 2005, the Southeast was the only region in the country that did not have an herbal conference for women. Five years later, over a thousand women have come together from the Southeast and beyond to deepen connections with the plants, the earth, and each other.

The conference now has a heart and soul of its own. For many it has become an annual event, a tradition in education, inspiration, and sisterhood. Our herbal conference community grows stronger and reaches further each year. Join the sisterhood in the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains for a weekend you won’t forget!

3.      Retreat of the Divine Feminine, 3-22 August 2011, Camp Naue, North Shore Kauai, Hawaii

During this ten day retreat Prema Dasara and Guest Teachers will guide the group in celebrating
the divine feminine through music and dance, meditation and dharma dialogue. Focus of the camp will be on the 21 Aspects of the Great Mother Tara.

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