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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 7-10 February Cleanse/ Day 5-8: 92-Day Juice Feast

Okay, my juice feast is officially over. I felt a little sick after running outside last Sunday. I didn't get to the point when I would feel a lot of energy during the feast. It felt right for me to finish the juice feast. I'm proud I could do it for 8 days. Next time I will try to go longer. I am happy with the results, although most of them are hard to see. The most valuable results of this experiment for me will be a long-run change of my entire lifestyle. I won’t eat just to eat anymore and will have more control over my life. Also I got to know myself and my true preferences about food better. Many of my food cravings are determined by addictions to certain types of food. For me, these are sweets, pastries (or any food that contains wheat), and some fried food. 

Have I conquered all my addictions to food? No, but I don't feel that I should continue on the juice feast longer. I want to enjoy the process. At this point, I'm not anymore. I feel hungry all the time, even after drinking juice. So, it's time to stop here and continue my journey of exploring myself outside of the juice world. I think it will take time for my body to get used to getting its nutrition easily from healthy sources. This is a newly established habit that I'm going to maintain. 

I think going one day at a time is important, instead of counting the days to get to day # 92. This may be the reason I stopped on day 8. Enjoying the process is critical too. As long as you try forcing yourself to do it, something is wrong. Usually it's just the thought pattern that can be changed. I think I just wasn't ready for 92 days of just juice. Who knows maybe I'll go all the way one day. I really enjoyed the exploration journey. For me the beauty of it was in stepping into the unknown, testing my own abilities, and discovering my bodies hidden secrets. I already want to start again, and maybe I will soon.

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