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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 4: 365-Day Transformation through Love Project

Miracles are happening in my life today. I'm so excited about all the synchronicities. But let me start with my juices first.

My Juices for Today
First, I realized how important it is to get enough rest and drink plenty of water when on the cleanse. I feel great when I sleep enough. This was one of my mistakes in the past. I need to really work on my schedule. Yesterday, I stayed up late listening to David and Katrina Rainosheks' videos on I have learned a lot of interesting information. But I had to get up at 6.00 am in the morning and didn't have time to make my juice. So I drank leftovers from yesterday and made a master cleanse lemonade.  

In the second part of the day, I made a green juice from celery, cucumber (our favorite ingredients), a few tomatoes, apples, lettuce, and ginger. Turned out to be great. 


Something very interesting is happening in my spiritual life. I can't fully express what it is, but it feels like a the beginning of a new life with more freedom and clarity. I can sense my intuition better and follow it with more confidence.

Growing My Own Urban Garden
A few days ago, I thought it would be nice to start growing my own plants. I don't have a backyard, but I have a deck where I could easily set up an urban herb garden. I started reading about urban gardening yesterday and have registered with a local community garden for a class on "The Basics of Growing Your Own Spring Seedlings" this Wednesday. Members of the garden have an option to become a vegetable plot holder. I'm going to ask them how I could do that. It would be fun to grow something by myself and connect with the Earth. Another class that I have registered for is "Aromatheraphy". I have always wanted to learn more about it. This class is going to be this Saturday. 

Bees' Calling
Yesterday, I had a strange idea to do a painting with bee pollen. I don't know why I even thought about it,  have never heard anyone painting with bee pollen. This idea came to me while eating bee pollen yesterday. I just thought it would be fun to try. Although I think Joseph Campbell was talking about Native Americans making elaborate art works using corn and maybe also bee pollen. Anyway, I forgot about this idea. Then, today I saw the book "The Shamanic Way of the Bee". I immediately felt that I need to learn more about it. This happens very rarely that I feel it so strongly. I decided to buy the book. By following our intuition, we can make it stronger over time.

Conscious Child Birth Course
Finally, I found out about an amazing woman, KaRa Maria Ananda, who is teaching an online course on Conscious Birth. I would like to take this course. I think it's very important knowledge in these times. Again, I felt that I could be one of the conscious birth emissaries and help other women and their children to be happy and aligned with who they are. 

Miraculous Products
Oh, I almost forgot. I have also learned today about two natural products that have miraculous properties and almost too good to be true. The first one is the Ormus. It can have positive spiritual and physical effects on our body. It sounds intriguing and seems to do something similar to holosync/hemisync technology that  synchronizes your left and right hemispheres. This video gives a good introduction to it.

Another product is literally called Miracle II and was created by Clayton Tedeton. The reviews of both products are stunning. I have decided to try Miracle II soap and neutralizer. You can listen to the interview with Clayton Tedeton on Youtube if you search for "Miracle II Interview with Clayton Tedeton". He says that the recipe for Miracle II products was given to him by God. He sounds like a genuine man. Maybe it will help with my hair loss. It also has a detoxifying effect on the body when used as a bath wash or soak, can be used  for doing laundry, and has many other uses.  

So many beautiful things are entering my life suddenly. Am I ready for it? If I'm manifesting it, it means I am ready. So I choose to believe in myself and intuition. Isn't it the whole purpose of my purification experiment?

P.S. If you want to receive Terry Walters’ new book Clean Start, go to One Green Generation and leave your name in the comments before Sunday February 27 at 5pm, PST. Good luck! 

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