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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Enjoying What Is

I realized that in addition to finding balance in my life, I’m currently working on my organization skills, setting my priorities, and removing the attachments and limiting beliefs that stop me from moving forward. Also, I’m learning to take responsibility for everything in my life and enjoying what is. 

For example, I had a great day in Charlotte by myself. I enjoyed peace and calm of the hotel room and the energy of my yoga practice. Then, we went out to eat and I suddenly lost my peace, because I started to control what happens around. I became grumpy and not so pleasant to be around only because something was not matching my peaceful state before. The true peace doesn’t require anyone else to act or think in a certain way. I know that behind this grumpiness and desire to control is a desire for perfect harmony, but this is not a skillful way to get to this harmony and peace. I need to control my thoughts better.  “Control” – this word again. I guess controlling my thoughts is much easier than controlling what happens around me. So why not try fine tuning my thoughts or removing any expectations about how the world should be?

What happened next both surprised me and made me think. Onur told me: “Where is your happy and positive Tanya?” He noticed that my mood has changed obviously, and reminded me in a powerful way that this is not me. I made an effort, changed my thought pattern, and started to enjoy the night again. I think this is what true spiritual partners do – reminding us who we truly are. To finish up, here is a nice video about relationship from Abraham. 

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