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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5: February Cleanse/ Day 3: 92-Day Juice Feast

Today, my day started a bit late. I woke up at 12.00 pm, which is normal after I stayed up the night before watching David Rainsohek's video's. I'm so happy that my fridge is full of fresh and organic greens, vegetables and fruits, a few boxes of clementines and lemons and a watermelon are still in the trunk. 

I'm going to post my today's post early because I may not have time later. I'm going to go shopping to get a few things I was planning to buy for a long time.

1. 12 glass Mason jars
2. soil and a pot for my plant that is dying
3. look for supplies for a kitchen garden (I need to research more about it)
4. celery (I couldn't find it in the Farmer's Market yesterday. Since it's one of the most recommended greens, I need to buy it separately.)

Then, I'll go to my monthly mantra chanting with Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga. I'm looking forward to it, because every time I went it was in incredible experience.

My Juices for Today
I started my day making about 3 liters of green vegetable juice with a lot of roots.

Root Delight
2 beets
6 carrots
3 parsnips
2 turnips
ginger root
3 cucumbers
2 tomatoes
4 squashes
4 lemons
iceberg lettuce
leeks, celery, parley, arugula, and basil
4 cloves of garlic

I added a sea salt, paprika and chili powder. I liked the juice and drank it much faster than usual. (20 minutes for 3 glasses. I don't think I will need to make more juice today, because 3 liters is  a lot for me. But we'll see.

The laxative tea I drank last night worked as intended after I finished with my juice. Now I think I'm in a cleaner state.

Here is a picture I took today of beautiful skies in Atlanta. Just to remind myself and everyone to enjoy sunshine when the weather permits.

Hot Raw Chef Contest
Make sure to vote until February 9 at to receive a free eBook of ALL the recipes that these chefs have prepared in their videos. Great recipes by the way! I only watched 4 of them so far.

Sources of Inspiration
If Penni Shelton's Raw Food Rehab is not enough for you in terms of inspiration and motivation, you might enjoy inspirational videos in The Positive World online community. Another source of inspiration and motivation that some of you may be already familiar with is Lilou Mace's 100-Day Reality Challenge.

Have a beautiful week-end!!!

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