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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Orhan Pamuk, Rumi, and Myself

Last Monday I went to the first meeting of the Book club on one of Orhan Pamuk's greatest novel "My Name is Red". I am so happy I could enroll in the book club in the last day. I had this book for about a year and couldn't proceed too far. After getting to know more about Orhan Pamuk, his family and background, I feel like I can understand his writing better.

Especially, I found useful knowing that he wanted to  be a painter before switching to literature. This explains his deep understanding of colors and attention to visual description. To me, he is a true writer, a challenger who feels the reality around him deeply and has an ability to convey his feelings and thoughts using words.
After the meeting, I listened to a few of his interview on Youtube. I especially liked this talk he gave at the University of California:
While listening to his short stories and the description of how he writes, I was reminded of my own passion to writing. I felt so close to this person I don't even know. There is something common in how we perceive the world, and I could see this connection while listening to him. 

Today, I saw this video that include a poem of a sufi poet, Rumi. It reminded of  Orhan Pamuk's "My Name is Red".

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