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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gateway Experience Journal - Wave 1 - Discovery 1-Orientation

After chanting 108 mantras last night, I was inspired so much that I have started to listen to the Gateway Experience CD. I don't know for how long I should stay on the first exercise. I also would like to try listening to it with headphones, which may have a different effect than the speakers.

Overall, I like the structure of the meditations. I also like that there is breathing exercises and chanting part of meditation. I'm not sure the analogy of a box where you put all your attachments is useful for me. It sounds too childish to me. Maybe I'll get to appreciate it more later.

I felt very relaxed. It feels like the time is flowing differently when I listen to the tapes I can't describe how different without contradicting myself. When in the meditation, I feel that the time passes quickly, I'm not bored an dnot waiting for it to be over. But when I wake up or come back to the world I feel that a lot of time has passed, much more than 35 minutes because I feel that some things have changed, can't say which ones though.

I don't know how I'm supposed to feel in focus 3, and I'm not sure I felt very different. I think I need some time to see these differences.

I did the first exercise one time last night and two times today. Today I feel sleepy, which probably means something is happening inside. Also, my head is heavy, I can feel energy or something else circulating inside.
I will stick to the experience to see where it takes me. Probably, I will do this exercise for a week and then move to the next one. 

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