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Monday, November 8, 2010

How to be Yourself All theTime

After watching Lincoln's video on "Removing Addictions and Addictive Behaviors" , I had only one question: "How to practically come back to your true self?" So posted this question on Youtube. 

I wrote: "Another great video! Thank you, Lincoln. The big question is how to be yourself all the time and how to find this strength. I guess recognizing that it's important to find is the first step. But I feel optimistic that we will all find how to be always present with our feelings and emotions and how to love ourselves instead of trying to run away. The fact that videos like this are available now means we are ready for this change."

Lincoln has kindly recommended to watch these three videos of his that clarified it for me.They reminded me what I have forgotten. I know the way to my true self. I just need to go inside my heart, allow the reality to be as it is, and keep my main goal firmly in my mind.
He wrote: "Watch my video: 3 Step Path to Authentic Spirituality
3 Step Path to Authentic Spirituality. This video will explain very clearly the simple process.
Then these videos will help you to integrate it into the world:
1) How to spiritually surrender while living in this world?
2) Staying in Love, Peace, and Presence within this world humanity"

All these videos are available on Youtube. After watching the videos, I have responded: "Thanks, Lincoln! These videos helped me to remember what I forgot. They are so charged with love and eternal wisdom!" Just watching these videos is enough to get back in alignment with the source of Love and Light. I'm going to watch more of Lincoln's revelations. I believe 100% that this messages are from the Higher Self, because otherwise they could not be so full of love and compassion to everybody and everything.

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