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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Themes Emerging in My Life

I love observing new themes emerging in my life. I don't take enough time sometimes to think about why they form and which questions they answer. Maybe I should do it this time. I do take it more serious right now an dtry to respond to every opportunity from my heart. Sometimes (in the past, I hope) these common themes used disappear if I don't pursue them. But it's definitely true for me that a theme, ususally something I have thought about before in one way or the other, expresses itself in different forms repeatedly, until it captures my attention. New themes that has recently emerged in my life are all connected with my old passions, some of which are coming back from my childhood.
  1.  One of them is literature and poetry. I enjoy reading a good book of a writer who can feels the world, who lives in his characters and expresses their feeling with powerful honesty that changes the reality for the better. I found Emory Book club, which reintroduced me to Orhan Pamuk. I an discovering the world of sacred poetry, starting with sufi poets, such as Rumi. It brings me so much joy to see profound truths expressed in words. 
  2. I started writing again myself, reflecting on these poems. Right now I am writing an article about "The Sun in Sacred Poetry", which can turn into a book easily. It is so fascinating to see many sacred texts mentioning the Sun and often trying to convey the same meaning. I'm going to post my article here when I am done. Another topics that I found fascinating and would like to explore in more details include the divine feminine in sacred texts, rituals, initiations, and sacred dance. As a continuation of this theme, I found interesting web-site Abbey of the Arts ( that offers transformational classes that connect creativity, arts (writing and photography)  and spiritual growth through contemplative practice and meditations/prayers. So far I loved what I'm learning there. 
  3. The second new-found passion is photography. Here, I am a complete beginner. Photography is a new medium of expression for me, which hopefully will become my friend. I intend to use photography as a tool for seeing the world through my heart, noticing new things, being present and reflecting on the mundane things that are sometimes the most powerful. Extracting hidden energy everywhere is an art of life. And photograpgy is a useful tool in this process. Again photography is showing up in my life partly as my own interest through the course that I'm taking, and partly as something I would like to contribute to the place I work at by creating a video that will feature Emory as a place to work and study. This is a new project that I'm very excited about.
  4. The last theme that shows through several activities that I recently started to engage in is sacred dance and celebrating the Divine Feminine. I'm taking the class on sacred dance. Also, I have started learning belly dancing. I'm only making the first steps here too and am very excited about it. I bought a DVD to practice at home that has both yoga and belly dance routines. And I will attend regular classes too. For me learning to belly dance is a way to connect with my femininity and I feel that I can show deep reverence and praise towards the feminine force in everything.      
  5. The theme that emerges vividly right now, and is still in the process of forming  is dream interpretation. I see many videos about interpreting dream and one of them is actually so good that I would like to share it with you: Another great video gift from Lilou Mace. She is a great visionary, author of the book "I Lost My Job and I Liked It", and a web-TV host who interviews many interesting people and posts her video on Youtube and on her web-site ( free of charge. I have also received an email from somebody organizing a group on dream interpretation. There must be something I can learn from the "science and art" of dream interpretation, which I think is very much related to psychoanalysis of Carl Jung. So I'm going to observe how this unfolds.
All this could manifest in my life only because I think I became more open and allowed it to happen. I didn't do anything special except just saying "yes" to possibilities when they offered themselves. I didn't spend almost any time searching for any of this opportunities. Also all of these things I deeply enjoy manifested only because there was a subtle change in the way I think.

I still have a few things to work on. First, I need to keep my vibrations steady at this high level to see a sustainable change in my life for the better. To do this, I need to feel appreciation for every day and every moment I enjoy, so that more enjoyable moments could manifest easily attracted by my gratitude. I also feel that I need to be more focused and committed to a practice or a goal that I choose to pursue.

In addition to keeping up with the current flow, there are some areas in my life that I still need to make improvements in. And it would be boring if there weren't any. I need to completely release my fear of being judged and stop judging myseld. I have made the first step by acknowledging that I do it sometimes and it happens more often than I would like. Second area I intend to change is lack of trust. I don't trust people and the world in general. I don't believe the Universe will take care of me and will bring everything I need easily without me struggling and working hard. I don't trust that I can have open intimate relationship with other people, because I have this belief that people don't understand me in general. I avoid getting too close to people. Probably this is because I'm afraid of commitment. This is exactly what Gay Hendrick is talking with Lilou Mace about: Listening to it is really transformational experience. I'm watching it for the second time and plan to do more work on this segment.

I am going to make a few resolutions:
  • I intend to feel joyful and content all the time.
  • I intend to release all judgment and allow the world to be as it is.
  • I intend to replace lack of trust and fear of commitment with expectations of intimacy and joy of sharing
Gay Hendricks recommends to playfully ask yourself the following questions, he calls "wonder" questions while breathing deeply and paying attention to feelings and sensation in your body:

  • Can I learn how to feel great all the time? Am I willing to feel great all the time?
  • Can I allow things to go well in my life all the time?
  • In my relationships, can I live in harmony and intimacy all the time?
He explains that this questions are "wonder" questions because they are so big that they can only be answered by your life. Willingness and commitment are the keys because willingness is open up the heart to a new way of thinking and commitment helps us to get there.

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