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Monday, November 8, 2010

Gateway Experience Journal - Wave 1 - Discovery 1-Orientation-2

Today, I have listened to the 1st exercise for the 4th time. I fel much more than in the previous three times. I felt movement of energy, saw colors or just "clouds" of different energies going through my mind. For a few minutes I felt the pulsation in my third eye, and the feeling in the throat chakra that can be described as too much energy. And I felt that my heart is opening. I take it as a signal that my system is adjusting to the new energies. I wanted to continue meditate a little longer, but decided to stop when Robert Monroe said that the "Exercise is complete". 

I did something different today and I enjoyed it more. Instead of waiting for a change or an effect, I just relaxed and stayed open as much as I can. Also I decided to think about these meditations as my spiritual practice, a sa form of prayer and connecting with the Source/Creator/Universal Mind. It helps me to think this way. My motivation is to free myself in order to be of great benefit to others, which is also the motivation in Buddhist meditations or in any prayer practice. I'm sure that whatever meditation technique you are using you will achieve the results with the right motivation. So far Gateway Experience meditations combined for me devotional/traditional meditation/prayer approach with an esoteric approach.

Today, I had a greater appreciation for the "energy conversion box" idea. It does create an idea of how many unnecessary thoughts we have that are eventually so irrelevant.

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