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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Conflicting Thoughts as a Cause of Inactivity

I have been thinking for a while now about the question why I generate many of ideas, set many intentions and goals, but somehow most of them remain only at the level of thoughts. They never realize in real life. Until today, I couldn’t see a clear answer of why it might be happening.
The answer revealed itself to be in its full beauty today. It appeared to be very simple, as it always is with important liberating ideas. What I need to do in order to manifest all of my mental creations successfully is to stop sending out mixed signals or conflicting thoughts on a particular subject of interest. Once I set an objective that I would like to learn photography, for example, I need to stop thinking negative thoughts about this future experience.
Let me illustrate how this work with an example. Let’s say, I realized one day that I could be quite good at photographic art. I can feel that I would enjoy doing it - spending time with my subjects, studying them, becoming one with each subject and highlighting its most beautiful aspects through the skillful use of equipment and my own intuition. I can sense that having this skill can compliment my career too. I can see the potential in pursuing the interest. So my thoughts may look like: “I wish I could learn photography and share the beauty of the world with others through my works”. The next day, when I think about photography again, I remember that I wanted to start learning it, but still couldn’t find time or money to do this, and I think: “I never will start learning how to shoot pictures. I don’t have time and money for a good camera and lessons. Do I really need it in my life? My career is great without it.” The next day my longing for creative expression returns and I think: “I wish I learn photography. I really should get to it very soon.” Then, the next day I think: “Who am I, a photographer? I’m an economist and a professor. Should I even invest time that is very scarce in my life into learning this new skill of photography? I might not be able to use it in the future. It is a risky investment. I probably shouldn’t do it.” This cycle of contradicting opinions continues indefinitely and on many subjects in my life.
How can any desire come to fruition, if it is constantly being neutralized with a contradictory thought? So the solution is to remove these doubtful thoughts on topics that are important to me. I will never find out if I need or have room for photography in my life, if I never give it this room and try embracing it. I have trained myself to use this push-pull dynamics with many other topics in my life, like writing, painting and drawing, work, friends and other things that I would like to have more in my life.
I feel that if I practice joyful feelings a specific object of my desire, say mastering photography, can bring into my life, it will be allowed to be manifested easily and naturally. It also feels that practicing this new approach with just one desire is enough to set the new pattern of thoughts on other topics too. This is so exciting!
I gained this insight from watching Abraham-Hicks video on Youtube that Dave has kindly posted. Thank you, Dave and thank you, Abraham. I’ll start by noticing and eliminating my contradictory thoughts one by one and I know that once I remove all of them, then sky is the limit! The videos are below if you would like to watch them too.

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