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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Extraodinary Teachers in Atlanta

I am reposting an email announcement I received from a friend, Elizabeth Leila L'Abate. Thank you for the update, Leila! Here is a list of upcoming events in Atlanta area for those of you who live close.

If you are interested in any of these events, please remember to RSVP now to the person coordinating the event, so they can better plan.

Anahata and Prema - January 29 & 30
Gayan Macher February 26 & 27, 2011
Murshida Mariam Baker March 26-28.

 Hi Beloved list,

What blessings are coming our way . We have 4 teachers able to expertly guide us, not to a way out, but to a way in.   All of them can lead us to the place inside that Knows, that responds appropriately and practically to the many challenges we have before us. All of them have given their lives. Some charge more money than others, but all are a bargain, and arrangements, I'm sure, can be made. For the between times, Molly Wender hosts regular Sufi gatherings, and we have a regular Sufi Chanting (Zikr) group.  If we should get a group of committed seekers in AtlantaGayan would very much consider coming more often!," and the hosts of Mariam Baker will host regular Dances of Universal Peace, sometimes with Anahata...

Love to all,

 The Tara Dance Sangha of Atlanta presents 
Practices of Stability, Abundance
and the Wisdom of Equality
REGISTER ONLINE by JANUARY 27, 2011: Seats Still Available!
Payment via PayPal account, credit card or debit card.
Please register online before the deadline to attend the workshop.

 We are excited to have two powerful teachers with Tibetan Buddhist and Sufi backgrounds, who birthed the Tara dances. This weekend workshop will truly be an unique and uplifting experience. Attend both days or just one. THIS WORKSHOP IS NOT TO BE MISSED AND OPEN TO BOTH WOMEN & MEN!

If you attended the Mandala Dance Offering , January 22, 2011 @ UUCA, this weekend will be an expansion of what you witnessed and give you a chance to dance not only the Mandala Dance, but Dances of Universal Peace, and experience their sacredness and transformantions firsthand.

Shambhala Meditation Center
1477 Church Street
Decatur GA 30030
Parking is available in designated areas and the Shambhala parking lot.

 Saturday January 29, 2011: 11:00am-4:00pm:
Prema Dasara,  creator of the amazing Tara dances, will lead the day in Deepening the Practice of Tara (The Tibetan Buddhist form of Quan Yin, but with 21 different feminine manifestations) through dialogue, meditation, music and movement with musical accompaniment by Composer and Songwriter Anahata Iradah.  
 Sunday January 30, 2011: 2:00pm-6:00pm:
In the Garden of the Jewel Dakini,
 is an afternoon of learning, dancing and experiencing the Dances of Universal Peace dedicated to Gold Tara, Ratna Dakini, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. This afternoon will be led by Master Teacher of the Dances of Universal Peace, Anahata Iradah and  Prema Dasara.  
Workshop Cost: Saturday & Sunday: $100 includes lunch on Saturday and refreshments on Sunday Saturday Only: $60 includes lunch Sunday Only: $40 includes refreshments
Location: Shambhala  Meditation   Center  1447 Church Street  Decatur   GA 30030   Register ONLINE & More INFO @   For further information or questions, please contact us at Accommodation and transportation assistance available for out of town attendees. 

Hi Folks,
I cannot praise Gayan Macher highly enough.    His gentleness, humility, and sweetness are completely embodied in every cell of his being., in each breath.  All our armorings from past shocks or abuse feel safe to fall away in his presence, all our rebelliousness feels safe to be gentled.   We can let the deeply surrendered vulnerability and knowingness of our deepest being come forth in unity and love. HE KNOWS he is loved, so is not trying always to prove himself, or set himself above us as a teacher, as teachers who have not reached that station are prone to do, so there is complete permission to dare to be who you truly are!
Gayan Macher is returning to Atlanta to lead a retreat on Feb. 26 & 27, 2011, called Inextinguishable Light.   This will be a time for spiritual community, and for deep interior intimacy, the most precious connection there is in our life.   
 Gayan is a companion and guide to those called to the courageous path of love. He has been a teacher within the Sufi Order of the West for over 25 years, helping to pioneer the integration of mysticism with modern psychology. Gayan is a lead teacher in Suluk Academy, the Order's core esoteric training.  Professionally,  he consults to corporate executives about the art and practice of human relations.  Gayan is also a singer-song writer whose music invites us to deep surrender.
Remember to register for Gayan Macher’s Atlanta retreat by Feb. 7 for the early registration rate.  Attached is the flyer about the retreat.  It can also be accessed at

If you have any questions at all, please contact me at:

Martha/Elana Talbott
Murshida Mariam Baker:
We wanted to let all of you know that Murshida Mariam Baker will be returning to the Atlanta area (Hogansville) March 26-28, 2011.  We will send more information in the next few weeks.  We are looking forward to this time with Mariam and our Sufi community. We hope you can join us.
Mariam is a Goddess-honoring, old women's -wise- ways- knowing, creative dynamo of a Sufi teacher, in whose presence it is impossible to stay stuck.  She can take you to deep Buddhist stillness, and Dances of Universal Peace dancing-through-many -worlds  movement , and back again.  Leila
You can contact us at 706-637-5431 or 678-416-5828 or if you have questions before our next email.
We look forward to dancing with you soon,
Kathy and David

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