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Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to Connect with Our Deeper Inner Knowing?

How can we recognize the guidance within us? The inner guidance of your higher self is a knowing that you acted out of love, compassion, and justice which is true for you. Remember situations you have engaged in when you knew what is the right action to take. What did you do? Did you follow your inner guidance and how did the situation develop?

In order to hear the inner guidance or intuition, we can focus on the situation and ask, "What is the right decision? What is good for myself and everyone else?"  You must be open to receive the answer. The connection between you and your guidance system will develop the more you practice. Put your attention on the progress you are making instead of the doubt. 

We are purifying our ego by working on establishing the connection with our inner self. You can establish this connection and expand your knowledge of who you are. Then there is no need in judging yourself, as you will know that in every moment you followed your inner guidance to the best of your ability.     

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