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Monday, January 17, 2011

Message of Love

The beauty of the world is within you, it is the true nature of yourself. You always have access to this unlimited potential. And the key to tuning in to it is feeling good, experiencing the utmost joy of living every moment. You don’t need to teach a 5-year old how to be happy. Children know it intuitively, as the society has not yet replaced this knowledge with artificial beliefs and thought patterns. 

The paradox of the humanity right now is that we need to unlearn what we have learned since we have grown up. This is not as difficult as it sounds, because you know the truth within your entire body, within your subconscious mind. It’s only your conscious mind that needs tuning in or cleaning. Free yourself up from the unnecessary limiting beliefs and you will be hundred times what you are right now, you will be flying, loving, and living life to the fullest. This is your true purpose of life here. 

You didn’t come to Earth in the physical body to struggle, you came to enjoy the contrast. You didn’t plan that your mind will be brainwashed with unnecessary mental constructions that would obscure your view of the reality and make you miserable. This would be a waste of time. Every being seeks expansion and development, and moving one step back slows down the process for everyone. You are now ready to jump a few steps ahead, bringing many other beings with you to the next level. Congratulations and blessings on this journey!

You are more than capable of returning to the pure unrestricted state of mind. Just follow the best-feeling thought in every moment, and you will get there quicker than you think. You won’t lose anything, just try doing it for a week and you will see the difference. Try living on a high of your own self-inspired thoughts for a year, and you will change your life and the world around you. Don’t hesitate and trust your inner intuition. 

There are simple ways to stimulate good-feeling thoughts. Think about what or whom you love the most, what makes you smile, what is good and beautiful around you, which activities you enjoy the most, which places you like spending time at. Then surround yourself with these things, structure your life around them, even though it might be only in your imagination for now. It won’t last long, and pretty soon you will see it realized in your life, unless you give into a familiar negative thinking pattern of an all-knowing critic, who doesn’t believe in anything good and always tries to be realistic and practical. Do you want to live this dull but realistic life or is there any room for miracles in your life? I cannot even call it life, it’s a distorted reflection of what life can be. Yes, you exist, but follow somebody else’s idea of what your life should look like instead of creating your own version of reality. In doing this, you spend most of your energy on trying to fight and dismiss your own sincere impulses and desires, because they don’t fit the standard way of thinking. You consistently kill every sprout of creative expression that has managed to show up in your life. What is the outcome of all this insanity? Well, by giving your energy to support a distorted world view more of the same is created. 

One common distorted belief is that “Everything is difficult” and that “In order to succeed in something you need to work very hard”. This is going to be true for you only if you believe this, because you are going to work hard to make your world prove this to be true for you by blocking off all positive thoughts that contradict this idea. I can’t tell you anymore that this is not your fault that you have these beliefs, because it has become much easier these days to replace an outdated thought pattern with the one that makes more sense to you. Experimenting with your beliefs is a science that you don’t study in school, but that is very important for your future growth. Carefully examine every thought you hold, no matter how obvious it sounds at first sight. You will be surprised what kind of baggage you are carrying around. It is not surprising that you best creations cannot be realized momentarily yet. The layer of these outdated, stale, and stagnated thought patterns is too thick. You can clear it up fast enough, as I said before. Be joyous and rejoice in the presence of most powerful creative energies on planet Earth. 

You are the leading edge creators. You are the shapers of the future for many other civilizations that are on the crossroads and don’t see a solution as clearly as you do now. Everything that I am saying now, you already thought about and it’s only a matter of time when you will fully implement these ideas to your reality. Love to all of you, beautiful creators! Peace and warm respect to all of you!

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