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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Message for All Lightworkers for 2011 fro Rachel Willis

This interview of Rachel Willis, creator and editor Lightworker Magazine and a conduit for the Ascended Masters, is a great way to start 2011. Lilou Mace again did a good job asking interesting questions.

You can read Lightworker Magazine for free at Below is Ascended Masters' message for 2011 Rachel channeled for her web-site.

"Dear One, we assemble with you now as your guardians of your soul - we worship your goodness and see your greatness, we honour your commitment to life and all it brings, we support you in your every endeavour and are here to lessen your load. Whatever you require, we lovingly assist with and secure your future for all of time. We assure you of your perfection and lovability, for your soul is shining so brightly into the heavens, and beyond.

We ask that you listen to our words carefully and accept them into your heart. There is no one on this planet who is better than you, no one who could be better than you. You are brilliance and perfection, right as you are, in this moment, right here. You are here to bring gifts of joy to the planet and we ask that you surrender your fears to us so that we can assist you fully on your path. Giving your fears to us is as simple as releasing them with love, replacing them with love, filling yourself with love.

Focus on love and love shall be your experience.

Each and every time you resist this and turn to fear, you create pain for yourself and for others. You need not do this, for pain leads to nothing but suffering. Nothing was created from pain, save suffering.

Love brings gifts beyond your imagination and with them the opportunity to grow and learn as you do now. Love elevates your energies and allows others to do the same, love creates connections, marriages, births and communions. Love bridges age groups, races and social divides.

Love conquers all. And this is the truth.

Love supports you, love graces you, love guides you. We love you. Please love yourself as we do, and allow yourself to receive abundance and goodness, for this is your right as a human soul. Open your heart wide and attract more love into your life, this in turn creates momentum and belief. Belief is the fuel for the fire of creation, and with it comes the goodness of loving spirit and divine inspiration.

We stand with you now as your cheerleaders, your comrades and your advisors. We honour your path and the lessons that you have already learned. Now is the time to learn to create from loving greatness; to put aside fears and replace them with truths, to put aside procrastination and replace it with inspiration, to put aside worry and replace it with faith, to put aside imbalance and replace it with peace, to put aside regrets and replace them with wisdom, to put aside doubts and replace them with trust - all that you need, want and desire is yours in this moment. Feel the truth of what we say, and welcome it into your heart, for as you do so you create it in your reality.

The planet needs love. The planet needs you to love.

The planet is evolving and you are part of this revolution of loving change. You can lead the way with your heart; allow yourself to be a role model for the future of love-based living, allow your fears to subside as you glimpse the visions of the coming years. With change comes renewal, and this new world is pure love, truth and respect for one another. This world already exists, both in your heart and in your mind; you can feel it to be so. This world is what you are living, it is your human experience, it is the truth of humanity.

As we stand by your side to help you with your creations, we send you love and devotion; we heal you, and we empower you to heal others.

This is our message to you, for 2011."

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