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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Day at the Singapore Retreat, September 8-12, 2010

Yesterday, I enjoyed the morning chant by Thay Phap Khoi’s and the talk by Thich Nhat Nanh's, the Nobel Laureate and a great spiritual teacher, from the Singapore Retreat, September 8-12, 2010

He provided a very good explanation about the origin of fear. Fear is the topic that I currently find interesting and I think I'm making progress in understanding how to deal with it.   I think if our mind produces fear or anger today, we shouldn’t close our eyes on it and run away from it, or blame or punish ourselves for it. Instead we should love every our creation and take good care of it. Thich Nhat Nanh used a powerful analogy in his talk. A good mother never abandons her child, even if she thinks it creates too much trouble for her. Similarly, every our thoughts, emotion and action is our beloved children. We must love all of them. As we learn to love them equally, the number of errors and fearful thoughts will go down, and we will learn to create more perfectly.

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