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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sungazing Technnique by Hira Ratan Manek aka HRM

Master Omraam said:“When you contemplate the sun in the morning, you are contemplating the center, the spirit, the eye of God. This is why you must be animated with the desire to draw nearer to the center, to your own center. The simple act of looking at the sun brings you closer to the heart of the external solar system as well as to that of your own being: your consciousness draws closer to your own center, your spirit, from which it draws light, peace, freedom, and strength. The day you decide to work at this in all consciousness, you will sense the movement of currents and waves flowing between you and the sun, creating forms and colors and a whole new world." 

1. Preparation

It requires preparing the night before by going to bed early in a good frame of mind with no negativity. If you feel any irritation toward a person or a situation you heard about in the news, do the Ho’oponopono ritual, violet flame, and Astreas before going to bed.

Meditation and Pranayama: Take a bath or shower. Breathing technique can be combined with meditating on the thought of the day. Begin with with alternate-nostril breathing. Inhale through the right nostril, hold your breath for a few seconds, close it, and then exhale through the left nostril. Then inhale through the left nostril, hold your breath for a few seconds, close it, and then exhale through the right nostril. That's one complete round. Begin with 5-10 rounds and add more as you feel ready. Remember to keep your breathing slow, easy and full. Contemplate the meditation for up to 20 minutes. Focus on the words of the meditation. Your thoughts should remain on the thought for the day. The thought for the day is like a seed. Our meditation is like watering it to stimulate it to sprout, and the sungazing afterwards is like the warmth and light of the sun which causes it to grow and blossom into beautiful flowers and fruits of contemplation. The fruit of each person’s meditation will be different even though the seed is the same because the ground or consciousness of each person is different.

After sungazing, do the palming exercise and continue meditating. If you still have a few minutes left before the 20 minutes is up, finish the meditation in a dark room, such as a walk-in closet. Write down in your journal any thoughts that came to you during your meditation.
Long-time sungazer Seekverta wrote, “In your planning for your SunGazing, always reserve a little time for a short 'dark retreat,' after you leave the Presence(of the Sun). Go somewhere alone, somewhere completely dark, completely silent (maybe your closet). The Essenes used desert caves. The Egyptians went into rooms of the pyramids or temples (dark rooms) built for that purpose. The ancient Druids always had a cave-'barrow' dug next to the stone circles or man-made hills (like Silbury), or a stone cairn (Ireland) with a dark room. Sit there quietly in the silent darkness, and meditate upon your SunGaze. It is here (alone, in the dark) that you will get your answers, your direction, and your resolve. Go into your Mind and read the answers written there. See the Light embedded there. It is here (alone, in the dark) that you will connect to the Mind of God, and that Source will show you the way forward.”
2. Sungazing

Here is the sunbathing technique by a sun yogi, Hira Ratan Manek, also known as HRM.

Time: Once a day either within the first hour after sunrise or in the last hour before sunset. Morning sunlight is more beneficial.

Position: Stand or sit with your spine erect and as straight as possible with bare feet on sand, dirt, mud,
pavement or concrete in that descending order of desirability. If the ground is too cold, wear wool socks, or sungaze barefoot from inside.

Drink water: It’s important to drink a glass of sun-charged water before and after sungazing because sungazing can be very cleansing and the water helps remove toxins. Also, it's advisable to take one gram of vitamin C, one vitamin A capsule and a pinch of sea salt. 

How: Gaze at the sun in a relaxed manner; don’t strain. It’s important to blink the eyes to keep them moist. If your eyes tear, don’t wipe them dry, just blink. If the glare is too strong, you can reduce the glare by closing the eyes so that you're gazing through the eyelashes.

How long: Begin with ten seconds. Increase by ten seconds a day. When cold, do it indoors through a window that doesn't have UV protection on it. Otherwise, do it through an open window or door. If you take a vacation from sungazing, even if it’s for years, you don’t have to start from scratch at 10 seconds; just pick
up where you left off.

Stage 1: Between 10 seconds and 15 minutes, which can take from three months if your sungaze every day to several months, sungaze in silence with arms hanging loosely by your sides. Use a timer to time your sungazing. During Stage 1, your may find that you become less tense, spend less time worrying, are happier, more self-confident and compassionate. During this time it’s important to be passive and receptive, and allow the sun to heal your mind. Don’t engage in prayer, mantras, visualization, or contemplation; just be.

Stage 2. Between 15 and 30 minutes, your body will begin to be purified of disease and addictions because all the different color pranas are going to their respective organs to address any deficiencies. To facilitate this process, sungaze with arms outstretched to the sun, palms facing the sun. As you breathe deeply in, visualize healing rays of light coming from the sun and entering your left palm and traveling to areas of your body that require healing or strengthening. If you have no problems, visualize the light going to your heart. Mentally affirm that the light is healing or strengthening you on a cellular level. Then, as you breathe out, visualize the light returning to the sun through your right hand. Express love and gratitude for your healing. Establish a continuous flow of energy. Use of this posture was called “fire blooming”.

Stage 3. Between 30 and 44 minutes, begin with the energy circuit, but instead of visualizing light going to problem areas in your body, visualize it creating a miniature sun in your heart and see the light from your heart radiating out to problem areas in the world. Mentally affirm that the light is bringing healing, sustenance, peace or whatever is needed in those situations. Also as you look directly at the sun, send intent, visualizations, thoughts, and feelings of love, hope, gratitude, and faith to bless all, and send any specific requests to the sun. In this way, blessings travel along rays of light to the sun and the sun amplifies them and broadcasts them to all humanity.

After sungazing: Rub your hands together to get them warm, then press your palms to your eyes and gaze at the afterimage of the sun until it fades away.

Bear foot walking: After or before sungazing, or at some point during the day, walk barefoot for 15-45 minutes. Barefoot walking on sun-warmed sand is another means of absorbing solar energy. It also massages
the pressure points on the soles of the feet and helps balance the yang energy from the sun with the yin energy from the earth. The time you spend barefoot walking is also a good time to sunbathe.

When you reach 44 minutes of sungazing, reduce sungazing time 1 minute per day to 15 minutes and stay there for a year. After that you are fully charged and all you require to maintain your charge is to expose yourself to the sun for a few minutes a day. However, if you enjoy sungazing, then continue with 15 minutes of sungazing every day.

If you follow the method provided above, you will have excellent results in general health and well being. If shortcuts are taken, such as increasing time too fast or not standing on bare earth, then the benefits are reduced. For most people, sungazing according to the above instructions is safe. Mental attitude is very important. If you have a quiet faith that the sun will help you and express gratitude to the sun, results will be quicker. But don’t be impatient, don’t aspire or push, or results will be delayed. Be as a little child and just enjoy the beauty of the sun without expectations or demands, but only with love and gratitude. When you
receive energy and wisdom from the sun, use them only in loving service to life

3. Sun-Charged Water

Put whatever amount of water you need in a glass jar with a glass cover. You can get two-gallon glass apothecary jars at WalMart. Use only purified water but not distilled water. Leave it out in the sun for four hours in the summer or six to eight hours in the winter. You can write positive words like “love,” “gratitude,” “peace” and “joy” on your container, so the water takes on these positive vibrations as was demonstrated by Masuro Emoto. It's best if you drink it hot, or if you want, you can cool it by pouring it into clay or earthen vessels. Never refrigerate because the compressor would discharge it. Also, don’t keep your cooling vessel near anything electrical. You can also use the water for ear drops, eye drops, skin wash, and enemas. Use it up within 24 hours as it loses its charge after this time. If accidentally left in the moonlight, leave it out till the following afternoon to be recharged. Never drink moonshine water as it contained extreme yin energies. Tea leaves can be added to the water to make sun tea if desired.

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