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Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to Make the Most of Your Day

We only have 24 hours in a day, and only that many days to live. Why wasting our time on petty worries and unproductive thoughts? Each day can be filled with interesting events, positive thoughts, and energized with loving energy. All we need to do is open your hearts and let that energy flow through you by making your life full and affecting everyone around you. Life is not supposed to be a struggle, it is a joyful ride. The secret is to trust that the Source or the Creator will provide everything we ask for. When we life in the present moment without thinking about the past or worrying about the future, we can truly make the most of each day.

Here are a few simple principles that could help to improve your life and make it more joyful! 
  • Accepting and Loving Myself for Who I am 
I gradually learn not to judge and criticize myself, but admire my own unique talents and skills. I also learn about my limitations without being too stressed about them. I learn to love my body the way it is and provide it with healthy food and necessary physical activity. I learn a lot from my body. It leads to the next healthy principle 
  • Eating Healthy and Exercising
I choose only the food that I enjoy eating and that would be beneficial for me body. Physical exercises that I do bring joy and are not an obligation, but a pleasant way to learn more about my body’s strength and limitations and get in touch with my body. I want to be best friends with my body. So I don’t want to do anything potentially hurtful to my best friend.
  • Taking Time for Meditation and Prayer
Meditation is an important device I use to train my mind to be mindful and open for receiving guidance from the Creator. When my mind is fully trained, it will stop sending conflicting messages and will be more efficient. Also prayer and meditation is a tool to clear myself to communicate with the Source energy and receive guidance.
  • Being Grateful
I am grateful for everything I have and everything that happens in my life. I know that each situation presents an opportunity for me to learn. And these circumstances were created specifically for me. I’m accepting everything and everyone I meet as a special gift, regardless of how it looks at first.
  • Making an Effort to Practice Mindfulness
I listen to my thoughts with interest and don’t let my mind to wonder on counterproductive and inefficient negative thought patterns. I know that each thought is important, because it is charged with creative energy. I only want to give this energy to something that I want to create.
  • Trusting the Universe and Releasing Fears
I know that I am in good hands and nothing bad can happen to me. I release my fears. If they occur I don’t push them away, just carefully observe them and lovingly acknowledge their presence. Eventually, they will stop arising, because the old habit of fearful thinking is replaced by trust and love.
  • Taking Responsibility for Everything that Happens to Me
I am responsible for what happens in my life and nobody else, because everything in my world is a consequence of my thoughts in the past. The situations that I find undesirable can give an interesting insight about how my thoughts should be adjusted or corrected. If I made a mistake, I’m ready to accept it, apologize for it, and move on.
  • Being Open to Receive
I am in constant communication with the Universe. Universe is communicating with me too through people, events, and situations in my life. I am willing to accept the gifts that the Universe is trying to give me.
  • Doing Something Fun and Being Playful
I try to learn what I enjoy doing and do it as much as I can. I also minimize the number of things I do that I don’t like. I surround myself with things I like, people I like and places I like. My life is my playground!

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