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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things I Want to Learn More about in the Near Future: 1-2 Years

Yesterday, I discovered that I have a lot in common with Carl Jung ). He believed that many religions have a lot in common, even in the areas where they could never influence each other, like African tribes and native American in Latin America. This led him to develop a theory of unified consciousness that we all can access and where the archetypes that we all share are stored. This was not his only discovery, he also talked about synchronicity, and was interested in paranormal events. Synchronicity is something that I've seen a lot in my own life, when you think or talk about something and see a physical manifestation of your idea in real life. It's like a confirmation that you are on the right track. Sometimes it can show the significance of your thoughts or lead you to some other direction. Besides this Jung was fascinated by astrology, the Book of Changes (the I Ching), and  numerology.
Here is a documentary on Carl Jung:
My list of things that I want to learn more about include:
  1. The books by Carl Jung
  2. The psychology of religion. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism and the connections between them. - That's a very long term goal. Right now I'm taking a course on Qu'ran at Emory and Buddhism online: I'm looking forward to the visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Atlanta. I think next I can learn more about Taoism and the mysterious Book of Changes. This connects well with my interest in Feng Shui.
  3. Astrology
  4. The I Ching
  5. Numerology
  6. Painting
  7. Feng Shui
  8. Tantra Yoga and Yoga in general. Related to this also Qi Gong and Ti Chi.
  9. A Course in Miracles and similar books.
  10. Learn Turkish better and possibly some other language, not sure which one yet
I think a good question to ask is "Why do I want to learn this?" I think a simple answer is to live a more harmonious life and to be able to help others how to do the same. I think these old teachings complement each other nicely and if you try to take only what feels right to you from each of them, your life becomes more harmonious and joyful. After all, religions are only forms, and God or Creator is one for all. There are different ways to God or to Love, or to Happiness, Joy, and Piece, which is our ultimate goal in life.

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