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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Louise Hay's New Baby

Louise Hay, the author of the book I'm reading right now, an influential figure in the "spiritual community", and a wonderful human being, has announced the opening of her new Heal Your Life web-site: The site is created as a one-stop shop for all your daily spiritual needs and is described as a "part of your daily routine" in this introductory 35-second video:
The site currently features 7 blogs by Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Christine Northrup, Loretta LaRoche, Chris Prelitz, Hay House, and Marcelle Pick.
This post by Christine Northrup talks about the importance of accepting yourself as a prerequisite for achieving happiness. I liked a short poem Christine shared about self-acceptance:

Without self-acceptance, you are always hiding.
With self-acceptance, your spirit is gliding.

I'm learning to fully love and accept myself these days. It is not that easy as it may sound to really love yourself. Love means no judgment, no expectations, no fear, or control. How often do you wake up and admire your reflection in the mirror? Believe me you are beautiful, but you find little flaws that you don't like or would want to go away magically. There is no point in being overly critical with yourself. It doesn't serve any useful purpose. Will the little flaws go away if you think about them every morning? No. You will only practice thinking about them over and over, which eventually creates a habit of criticizing your look constantly. These "flaws" are what makes you unique and other people may find them attractive, which is often the case, or they don't care about them at all. We are our own only judges. And we often treat other people with more kindness, love, and acceptance then we do ourselves. Isn't it ironic?  

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