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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sungazing 101

Yesterday, I have unexpectedly discovered very interesting information about sungazing. Usually, if I see that I keep getting the information about the same topic from different sources, I pay attention to it.

So yesterday, I felt that I want to spend time outside and enjoy the sun. So I made green tea and read for about an hour on my balcony. I really enjoyed it and decided that I need to do it more often. Later that day, I learned about the web-site that collects comprehensive information on the benefits of sungazing: A friend of mine mentioned he maintains this web-site, I know him for a long time but didn't know he had this web-site. An idea that took my interest was that worship of the Sun was at the heart of every religion on Earth.

I went to the web-site and found out about people who practice sungazing, gradually eat less and satisfy their needs for energy from their communication with Sun. Also I found out that One of the sungazers the founder of the Sun Center of Phoenix , Wayne Purdin is organizing an online course on "Solar Health- Solar Wealth" at Meru University and the course starts today and lasts for 6 consecutive Sundays.

Since I was intrigued and wanted to learn more, I decided to give it a try. I always loved Sun and spending time outside. I felt that I need to do it more often recently. This might be a good opportunity to do this, while at the same time learning about sungazing. So I enrolled in the class. Here is a link to the course page:

You can learn more about Sun Yoga and sungazing by visiting these links:

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